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Total Transportation Solutions!


ONE CALL for ALL Your Total Transportation Needs!








A Unique Concept for Total Transportation and Packaging


One call can do it all!  Get assistance from companies we are partnered with having over 500 years of experience.


Are you confused and need help?  A single call will guide you in all your transportation needs!


Our response time and personal touch continually amaze our customers!


We provide everything from small cargo vans up to a specialized trailer that will haul a 160,000 pound machine!  Utilizing multiple trucking companies, we can handle shipments not only within Michigan but also the United States, Canada and Mexico!


Service Include:

TotalTransportation.us offers high quality services with on time pick up and delivery.  A partnership with each individual company makes our service unique to your company and special need.  Our knowledgeable assistance will guide you in the most efficient way to move your product and insure that your job is expertly handled.


If you are not sure which service is best for your current need then contact a Logistic Specialist:

PHONE:  810.300.0787

email: info@totaltransportation.us

FAX:  810.367.7176